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Manage files and print from your desktop with Print Three Kelowna’s brand management service

Print Three Kelowna offers a premium online digital printing system. This e-solution helps organize all printing, including branded printing for your business by utilizing saved print templates and tracking your inventory. You can also see updates to your pending orders directly from your home or office computer.

This digital printing service is ideal for large corporations or government offices that must maintain consistency in their communications. From custom, full colour envelopes to company cheques, saved brand print templates make it easy to do branded printing at the click of a button. We also save your past orders in the system, so requesting additional prints is simple. We streamline our online digital printing process to increase turnaround time and reduce errors, ultimately saving your company time and money.

Visit the Kelowna Print Three location at 102-1021 Ellis Street or contact us online to learn how our online printing services can work for your corporate printing.

Save Big On Cheques!

With thousands of cheques printed locally each month, we produce cost-effective printing while offering our clients quick turnaround times.

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For 18 consecutive years, Print Three has received the prestigious Consumer Choice Award (CCA) for business excellence.
Satisfied clients share their experiences working with Print Three, and explain how Print Three's flexibility and quality products help their businesses run smoothly.

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